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The Association of European Studies (AES) is a non-governmental organization, officially registered in 1992. The AES unites researchers, professors of the universities and other research institutions as well as individual specialists working in the government and private sectors. Since May 1994 the AES is a co-founder of the World Union of European Community Studies Associations (ECSA-World).

  • to support the development of European studies in Russia, including integration, politics and economics, science and technology, culture, education, law, informatics, social, etc.;
  • to develop international cooperation;
  • to promote education and training in the respective fields;
  • to carry out the publishing activities.
To fulfill its mission, the AES has created a network of local branches in several regions of Russia (Povolzhie, Ural, Siberia, etc.). 27 branches have been formed.
Organization is managed by Council.
More than 30 research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences are represented in the AES (including Institute of Europe, Institute of the USA and Canada, Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Institute of Universal History, Institute of State and Law, Institute of Slavic and Balkan Studies, Institute of Scientific Information of Social Sciences and others), as well as 23 universities, Moscow Institute of International Relations, All-Russian Market Research Institute and others.
The AES maintains close relations with many national European Studies Associations, as well as foreign universities and research centres, including Free University of Berlin, Free University of Brussels, University of Gent, Institute for Security Studies (Paris), the Netherlands Atlantic Commission, Hellenic Centre for European Studies (Athens), Federal Institute for Russian, East European and International Studies (BIOST) (Koln), International Peace Research Institute (Oslo), the Hansard Society for Parliamentary Government (London), Institute Robert Schuman for Europe, European Institute of Higher Research (IEHEI, Nice).
An important task of the AES is to collect, analyze and transfer information to interested research centres, universities, governmental and business structures in Russia and in the other countries as well.
In the Institute of Europe, with which the AES has been cooperating on a permanent basis, a Documentation Centre of the European Union has been set up. All current information, periodicals and subject editions of the EU coming from Brussels, Luxembourg and the EU Delegation in Russia are collected and put at the disposal of the general public.
Many seminars, conferences, symposia, which are regularly organized by the AES, provide for numerous working contacts and a fruitful exchange of views and information. Besides, they are instrumental in carrying out multilateral joint research projects of Russian and foreign specialists, scientific associations, foundations and other interested parties.
First Jean Monnet Chair in Russia
In 2001 European Commission founded the first Jean Monnet Chair in Russia – chair of research into European integration attached to the Institute of Europe under the direction of Professor Y. Borko, Doctor of Economics. The Chair’s teaching program includes lectures and workshops on the following issues:
  • History of European idea
  • Theories of European integration
  • History and stages of European integration development
  • Economic integration in Europe
  • Economic and monetary union
  • EU-Russia relations
  • EU enlargement and Russia

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