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Y.Borko. From European Idea to United Europe. -.M.: Delovaya Literatura. 2003. - 464 p.

European Union. Guidebook // Ed. O.Butorina (Editor-in-chief), Y.Borko, I.Ivanov. - M.: Delovaya Literatura, 2003. - 288 p.

Potemkina O. European area of freedom, security and justice. - M., 2002. - 79 p.

The European Union on the threshold of XXI century: choosing strategy of development./Ed. by Y.Borko, O.Butorina. - M.: Editorial URCC, 2001. - 472 p.

What is the European Union? Y.Borko. - M.: Interdialect+, 2000.

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The AES exerts vigorous to develop its publishing activities. Many publications are being planned and realized in cooperation with the Delegation of the EU Commission in Russia, which provides editorial assistance and financial support.



In 1999 the AES published:



· The First Year of the Implementation of the Agreement on Partnership and Cooperation between the European Union and the Russian Federation: Papers of a Conference, organized by the Institute of Europe, RAS, the AES and the Delegation of the European Commission in Russia, December,8, 1998. /Ed. V.Zhurkin (Editor-in chief), Y.Borko, V.Shemiatenkov. - M.: Interdialect+,1999. - 114 p. - (AES: Reports. Discussions. Documents, №2). · O.Butorina. What is euro? - M.: Interdialect+, 1999.- 88 p. A mechanism of a Single European Currency functioning is explained in the brochure in accessible language, the substance of a common economic monetary policy is described. The author spotlights the EU legal acts determining the regime of operations with euro, for the first time translated into Russian.



Europe and Russia: Problems of the South. The Mediterranean - Black Sea Region - Caspian Sea. / Ed. V.Zhurkin (Editor-in-chief), N.Arbatova, Y.Borko, N.Kovalsky (Deputy-Editor-in-chief), V.Schenaev, N.Schmelev, G.Voytolovsky, N.Kosolapov, A.Yazkova. - M.: Interdialect+,1999. - 659 p.



In 1998 the AES published:



· The Glossary on European Integration. Terms of the European Union's Treaties and Agreements. English, Russian, French, German, Dutch.- Moscow, Interdialect+, 1998.



· European Union. Guidebook.- Moscow, Interdialect+, 1998.



This is the first reference book of its kind in Russia. Besides expounding key information about the European Union in the most laconic, exact and easy way, the book helps clarify numerous nuances usually unfamiliar to the broad public. The guidebook was prepared by the group of professionals - fellows of the Institute of Europe. The edition was intended to mark the first year of implementation of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and the Russian Federation come in force on December 1, 1997;



· Russia and Germany in Europe./Ed. by B.Orlov and H. Timmerman. - Moscow: Pamyatniki istoricheskoy mysli, 1998.



· Orlov B.S. European Culture and Totalitarism (invitation to discussion). - Moscow: Interdialect+, 1998. - AES. Rapports. Discussions. Documents. N 1).



Since 1997 twice a year the AES publish a new periodical in Russian and English The AES-Russia Newsletter. The purpose of this edition is to inform regularly all the interested people about European research activities in Russia, the European integration studies, in particular Russia - EU relations; general and special courses or seminars on European matters in the Universities; conferences, past or still planned, symposia, round tables etc.; new books and articles; who is who in European problems.



A quarterly periodical European Union: Events and Comments was started in the beginning of 1996.



Since 1995 a serie European Union: Past, Present, Future (Small Library of the European Union in Russian) was issued. It includes five volumes of the EU basic documents in Russian and a series of 11 brochures, devoted to the most important aspects of the EU activities.



Volume 1 - Treaties establishing the European Communities. - M.: Pravo, 1994. 



Volume 2 - Single European Act and the Treaty on the European Union. - M.: Pravo, 1994.



Volume 3 - Agreements and the other documents as regards the relations between the USSR/Russia and the EC/EU. - M.: Pravo, 1994.



Volume 4 - Social Policy. - M.: Prosvetitel, 1996.



Volume 5 - Amsterdam Treaty.- M.: Interdialect+, 1999.



Volume 6 - Consolidated Treaties. - M.: Interdialect+, 2001.



In 1995 the AES and the Institute of Universal History published the proceedings of the international conference The History of the European Integration, 1945-1994.



Since 1993 the AES published:



- The proceedings of the symposium The EC Experience and the Possibility of its Application to Russia and EU in the CIS (March, 17, 1992). 






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