Survey: the European Union: facts and comments


A quarterly periodical European Union: Events and

Comments was started in the beginning of 1996.


CONTENTS and sections’ authors


1.         Sessions of the higher EU bodies and adopted documents of general character

            1.1. European Council (Y. Borko)

            1.2. European Parliament (А. Motkov)

2.         Integration deepening within the framework of the EU

            2.1. Economic conjuncture and current economic policy of the EU

                   (I. Borozdin)

            2.2. Economic and monetary union (О. Butorina)

            2.3. Institutional development and construction of the political union  

            2.3.1. Intergovernmental conference on institutional reform

                   (М. Strejneva)

            2.3.2. Common external policy and security policy (D. Danilov)

            2.3.3. Cooperation in the sphere of internal affairs and justice

                    (О. Potiomkina)

                                                      2.3.4. Activity of the EU Court (N. Kaveshnikov)

                                                      2.4. Other activities of the EU  

                                                      2.4.1. Regional policy and activity of structural funds (N. Kondratieva)

                                                      2.4.2. Common agricultural policy (N. Koulikova)

                                                      2.4.3. Social policy (А. Motkov)

                                        3.         EU enlargement (S. Bykhovskiy)

                                        4.         EU and outer world

                                                      4.1. Relations with Russia (Y. Borko)

                                                      4.2. Relations with other CIS countries (N. Koulikova)

                                                      4.3. Relations with the USA, Canada, Japan, China and Asian-Pacific

                                                            countries (А. Tevdoj-Burmuli)

                                                      4.4. Relations with Latin America countries (М. Abramova)


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